Breast reduction is a common plastic surgery procedure, and one that is particularly gratifying for both the surgeon and patient. In Dr. Randall Yessenow’s experience, the surgery has remarkable benefits for women that suffer the physical and psychological side effects of large, heavy breasts.

If you struggle with large breasts, undergoing surgery could be a life-changing experience.

In this post, Dr. Yessenow goes into more detail to explain how breast reduction can improve quality of life.

Less Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Large, heavy breasts put a strain on other parts of the upper body. You may suffer back, neck and shoulder pain on a daily basis. You might have also developed deep grooves in your shoulders from your bra straps digging into the skin.

Reducing the size and weight of oversized breasts improves or even resolves this type of pain, so you can enjoy greater personal comfort on a daily basis.

Fewer Skin, Posture and Breathing Problems

It can be difficult to keep the skin on the underside of the breasts clean and dry, and as a result, problems like rashes, chafing and even infections may occur. You may notice you have posture problems or breathing issues due to the constant weight and pressure of large breasts. Breast reduction can significantly improve or eliminate these kinds of problems. Smaller, lighter breasts don’t put a strain on your posture, or interfere with your breathing.

Easier to Stay Active

Your heavy, pendulous breasts may limit your exercise routine or physical activities. It can be very hard to run, jump, swim or play sports with large breasts getting in the way.

By reshaping the breasts into a smaller and lighter size, breast reduction makes it easier for you to exercise and engage in your favorite physical activities. You might find you are motivated to exercise regularly and keep yourself in good shape with smaller, lighter breasts.

Greater Self-Confidence

There are psychological as well as physical benefits of breast reduction. If you feel embarrassed, self-conscious or even ashamed of your oversized breasts, breast reduction can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. You will find you have more confidence when interacting with others, and your body image substantially improves.

Schedule a Breast Reduction Consultation

If your oversized, heavy breasts are a burden, breast reduction may be a good option for you. To learn more about the procedure, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Yessenow today.