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Having a nose that is too big, crooked, or otherwise out of proportion can throw off your face’s delicate balance, making you feel insecure about your appearance. Rhinoplasty, or cosmetic surgery of the nose, can correct problems such as a bridge that is too wide, bumps or depressions, or the effects of an injury. When performed by Dr. Yessenow, a rhinoplasty can enhance the shape, size, and overall appearance of your nose, which will help you feel less self-conscious. A rhinoplasty can also help correct a birth defect or help relieve some breathing problems. Rhinoplasty usually takes an hour or two, though complicated procedures may take longer. During surgery, Dr. Yessenow separates the skin of the nose from the supporting framework of bone and cartilage, which he then sculpts to the desired shape. Finally, the skin is redraped over the new framework. Sometimes, Dr. Yessenow performs rhinoplasty from within the nose, making his incision inside the nostrils. Other times, he prefers an “open” procedure, especially in more complicated cases. In these cases, Dr. Yessenow makes a small incision across the columella, which is the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils.


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