Breast Reconstruction Munster

Breast reconstruction procedures Munster, IN

Reconstruction of the breast following cancer surgery or other types of surgery is among the most rewarding cosmetic surgical procedure because it removes the self-consciousness that women develop following breast removal. Dr. Yessenow uses new medical techniques and devices to create a breast that comes close in form and appearance to a natural breast so that you can regain your beautiful, symmetrical curves and feel more secure about your appearance. Often reconstruction is possible immediately following a breast removal, or mastectomy, so that the patient wakes up with the reconstructed breast already in place. This spares the patient the experience of seeing herself with no breast. The best candidates are women whose cancer has been eliminated by a mastectomy.

The two methods Dr. Yessenow uses are skin expansion and flap reconstruction. Using the skin expansion method, Dr. Yessenow inserts a tissue expander following the mastectomy to prepare for reconstruction. He gradually fills the expander with saline through an integrated or separate tube to stretch the skin enough to accept an implant beneath the chest muscle. After surgery, the breast mound is restored. Scars are permanent, but they will fade with time. The nipple and areola are reconstructed at a later date. Using the flap surgery method, Dr. Yessenow takes tissue from the back and tunnels it to the front of the chest wall to support the reconstructed breast. The transported tissue forms a flap for a breast implant, or it may provide enough bulk to form the breast mound without an implant. Tissue may be taken from the abdomen and tunneled to the breast or surgically transported to form a new breast mound. After surgery, the breast mound, nipple, and areola are restored. Scars at the breast, nipple, and abdomen will fade substantially with time, but they may never disappear entirely.

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